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1Hemmingsmarks IF440013:21112
2Lillpite IF42117:437
3Piteå IF 232105:237
4Infjärdens SK32019:546
5Älvsby IF211010:464
6Öjeby IF31116:10-44
7Alviks IK31026:8-23
8Munksund Skuthamns SK21014:6-23
9Ersnäs IF41035:13-83
10Bergnäsets AIK 240226:9-32
11Storfors AIK 240044:12-80
1Hemmingsmarks IF22009:186
2Lillpite IF21014:403
3Piteå IF 221102:114
4Infjärdens SK11003:033
5Älvsby IF10103:301
6Öjeby IF21014:8-43
7Alviks IK10010:3-30
8Munksund Skuthamns SK10012:5-30
9Ersnäs IF11003:213
10Bergnäsets AIK 230123:6-31
11Storfors AIK 220023:6-30
1Hemmingsmarks IF22004:136
2Lillpite IF21103:034
3Piteå IF 211003:123
4Infjärdens SK21016:513
5Älvsby IF11007:163
6Öjeby IF10102:201
7Alviks IK21016:513
8Munksund Skuthamns SK11002:113
9Ersnäs IF30032:11-90
10Bergnäsets AIK 210103:301
11Storfors AIK 220021:6-50


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